evoVIU Smart camera in front of the camera

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evoVIU Smart camera in front of the camera Shoot with us about the smart camera evoVIU Zurück Weiter To make the possibilities of the evoVIU even more tangible, we thought of making a few short films about the evoVIU. The aim is to show how the smart camera can be used, what major advantages it […]

Smart Camera vs Smart Home Camera

Smart Camera vs Smart Home Camera What is the difference? There are estimates that Germany’s households will use more than four times as many smart home applications by 2025 as they will in 2020. For example, in 2020, there were about 2.9 million households that installed smart applications for building security. By 2025, this figure […]

The year draws to a close

The year draws to a close Dear evoVIU team, how was it? As light fare for the end of the year, this article provides a short review of the year from the evoVIU team. What happened in 2021? How have we evolved? What has shaped us? Even though at the end of the year it’s […]

The history of the evoVIU

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Back to the beginning The history of the evoVIU Probably Nicéphore Niépce, creator of the very first photograph in 1826, could not have imagined in his wildest dreams where the journey of photography would lead. The picture, which was taken with a camera obscura and a tin plate coated with asphalt, marked the birth of […]

Bachelor thesis in product development

BA Product Development

Bachelor thesis at evopro Interview with a product development bachelor student In the last 5 months, a bachelor thesis was written in the product development department at evopro on the topic “Development of optimization strategies for the evoVIU hardware in the field of optics and lighting”. Here you can read an interview with the bachelor […]

The HoloLens creates new perspective

The HoloLens creates new perspective Mixed Reality meets evoVIU Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 was first unveiled in 2019. Produced purely for businesses, it promises to increase productivity, improve efficiency and minimize costs. Since a few weeks we now also have a HoloLens 2 at evopro, with which we want to simplify processes and further develop our […]

Smart camera for cloud applications

Cloud camera icon

Smart camera for cloud applications From bridge solutions to cloud-based smart cameras Smart cameras have now established themselves as stand-alone systems in various use cases for evaluating production parts. Due to their compact, high-performance design, such cameras offer a particular advantage in areas where no additional computers or their peripherals can be installed. The disadvantage […]

Smart camera light modules

Smart camera light modules Why there are the different light modules for the smart camera evoVIU No photography without light! From a technical point of view, this is quite simple: If no light reaches the camera sensor, no image will be created. For classical photography, however, light is much more. With the choice of light […]

Smart camera features

Smart equals Smart? These are the features of a smart camera Smart devices are now in almost every home. But what makes a smart TV, smart watch or smartphone? And how is the smart camera different? Smart translates into German as intelligent, clever or clever. When a device is adorned with the additional word Smart, […]

New software update for the evoVIU

Surface evoVIU Smart Camera

After the update is before the update New software update for the evoVIU In response to the growing demand for intelligent network cameras, the Smart Camera development team is designing a system that focuses on the keyword intelligence and workflow optimization. Through an interface that can be used by cloud-based AI systems, settings for lights, […]