evoVIU Manual
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In this chapter you will read everything about the Loxi2-X light module.

1. overview

The Loxi3-X light module belongs to the class of direct, external lighting.

The light module consists of 8 segments with 5 LEDs each. The light module thus has a total of 120 LEDs. These can be individually controlled in a total of 24 different areas around the diffuser plate to create light hotspots.

Different diffuser plates are inserted into the central part of the lighting to optimize the refraction of the light. A center ring provides shielding for the S-mount lens.

The diffuse illumination provides an overall homogeneous illumination of the area and can be used especially for metallic surfaces, barcodes and label recognition.

Loxi3 schraeg an

2. main features

  • Diffuse light module
  • Light area: 134mm x 101mm
  • Individual setting for each area consisting of 5 LEDs
  • Up to 8 brightness levels for each individual LED area

3. areas of application

  • Metallic surfaces
  • Organic surfaces
  • Barcodes
  • Labels
  • Field of view areas

4. color coding

  • -W| White (4000K)

5th Exchange

  • Shut down the system via the web interface.
  • Switch off the power supply of the evoVIU.
  • Open the four screws on the front of the evoVIU housing.
  • Open the four screws of the Loxi1-X light module.
  • Remove the circuit board and place the replacement circuit board in the camera.
  • First screw the two screws on the front docker side and make sure that the module is lying straight on the holding surface and the contacts before doing so.
  • Now tighten the two remaining screws of the module.
  • Screw the front panel back onto the camera.
  • Turn on the power supply to the camera.
  • If the LEDs flash within the next 30 seconds, you can use the new module.

6. variant number

XXXXX-XXX-L3-W | L3-W: White