evoVIU Manual
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In this chapter you can read about the general hardware structure and the exact variant description.

1. hardware design

The evoVIU hardware can be adapted to different environmental situations via the customer-specific variant design. Here, the hardware for the variant is divided into four different sub-areas. VIU: INTERFACE, VIU:BASE, VIU:FASTENING and VIU:LIGHT. Details can be found on the hardware page.

2 Overview of Variants

VIU:BASEBasiseinheit der evoviu_1-KameraVIU13-A04-X-X
Integration Kamera ModuleVIU13-A04-X-X
Intergration VIU:LENSEVIU13-A04-X-X
VIU:LIGHTAuswahl der LichtoptionVIU13-A04-X-X
Auswahl LichtfarbeVIU13-A04-X-X
VIU:MOUNTINGKamera-Befestigung ab RC3VIU13-A04-X-X-S

3. order coding


On the camera hardware, you will find the variant number prepared for you near the serial number. The variant number is closely linked to the application when the camera is started. Settings and displays are automatically adapted to the existing hardware. Thus, the following options in VISIONWEB and VISIONAPI change based on the variant:

  • Light adjustment of the different light modules
  • Focus and lens settings
  • Communication settings
  • Image sensor settings

Furthermore, the correct operating instructions can be found by means of the variant number. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.