evoVIU Manual
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In this chapter you will learn about the supply and allocation of the different Docker modules.

1. Overview

The power supply for the camera is provided by the middle connector. The connector is an M12 industrial connector whose pin assignment is based on the hardware variant.

The evoVIU hardware offers the possibility to use different Docker interfaces. Docker refers to the interface to another interface, transmission protocol, or external circuitry. In this context, evoVIU also offers customers the option of requesting their own docker in the portfolio area, for example in order to respond to specific system configurations.

2. Docker-A: IO-Link

Docker A: IO-Link | M12 – 5pin A-coded

In addition to the hardware trigger, the Docker-A also includes a preparatory implementation of the IO-Link integration and is intended to offer the possibility of integrating the camera close to the process in the modern industrial field. Later on, the results generated from the image processing can be communicated via IO-Link, and the settings can also be configured on the part of the system.

An important aspect here is the IODD file, which takes over the device description of the camera for the IO-Link master or the IO-Link master module. In this context, the camera works as a slave. Port 5 can also be used as an additional trigger.

Spannung / Strom9 … 36 VDC / 500mA
Digital Input Voltage24 VDC
Digital Output Voltage24 VDC
docker a neu

3. Docker-B: External Light

Docker B: External Light | M12 – 5pin – A-coded

The Docker B makes it possible to control two loads of different heights via the Digital-OUT 1/2. Thus, for example, two luminaires with up to 50W can be supplied and adjusted via VISIONWEB and VISIONAPI. A digital transfer of results can also be made possible with this.

Spannung / Strom9 … 36 VDC / 500 mA
Digital Input Voltage24 VDC
Digital Output Voltage24 VDC
icon docker b neu

4. Docker-C: GPIO

Docker C: GPIO | M12 -12pin – A-coded

The Docker C includes extensive GPIO control of the camera results as digital input and output. The Digital Outputs can pass the results to the end points, while the Inputs have the capabilities for triggering or program settings. Pin 09-12 can still output or accept analog values of 0-10V or 4-20mA. With this docker, the evoVIU can be integrated into older device groups or systems and provide simple information for Machine Vision, control light modules via VISIONWEB and VISIONAPI or adjust the brightness.

Spannung / Strom9 … 28 VDC / 500mA (ohne Lastausgänge DOut)
Digital Input Voltage (Pin 03 – 04)9 … 36 VDCmax. Frequenz: 100 kHz
Digital Output Voltage (Pin 05 – 08)9 … 28 VDCmax. Frequenz: 5 kHz
Digital Output Current
DOut 1 (Pin 05)
ODER DOut 2 + DOut 3 + DOut 4 Current (Pin 06 – 08)
1 A
0,5 A + 0,25 A + 0,25 A
Achtung: DOut 1 ODER DOut 2-4 nutzen – softwaretechnisch einschränken
Analog Input Current / Output Current (Pin P 09 – 12)4 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA
Digital Input Voltage / Output Voltage (Pin 09 – 12)0 … 10 V / 0 … 10 V
icon docker c neu

5. Variant Number


A: IO-Link / B: External Light / C: GPIO