evoVIU Manual
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This chapter covers the web interface. Find out how it is structured and what options it offers you.

1. Home Screen

home screen

By default, you will land on the Home screen. From here you can quickly navigate to other menus. The upper three points will take you to further menu items, the lower ones to the documentation or to the support.

2. Header

In the upper right corner you can claim the edit mode for yourself. You can only perform actions after you have clicked on Edit.

By the number above the icon you can see how many users are currently on the camera.

header before
header after

If you are not currently on the Home Screen, but in one of the other menu items, then you can see further icons.

  • With the plus symbol you can create a new configuration.
  • Use the icon next to it to duplicate your selected configuration.
  • Use the trash can icon to delete the selected configuration.
  • The user icon shows you how many people are currently accessing the camera.
  • You can exit the edit mode by clicking Stop editing. You cannot edit anything else afterwards.

At the top left you can see which menu item you are in. On the icon to the left you can expand and collapse the menu

header left

3rd menu

smart camera menu

In the menu, you can navigate between all the items you need to get the most out of your smart camera. The individual menu items are explained in more detail under the respective chapters in this Wiki.

4. Current Stream Overview

At the bottom left you will find an overview that shows you which stream and configuration is currently active.

With the pause icon you can stop the current stream and with the icon to the left of it you can go directly to your active stream.


5. Footer


This displays information about your camera. This includes, for example, the software or operating system version, the name of the camera or the current load. Which information you want to see here exactly, you can set in the Settings under Customization.