Release Update 4.11.0

New software version for the evoVIU


  • New login page – View on camera can now be closed completely
  • Autofocus for all liquid lenses – Autofocus can now be used for all VIUXX-XX[1 …5]-X-X variants.
  • New Connection – Amazon AWS S3 Transfer (AWS user key) – Images can be uploaded directly to S3 buckets (proxy connection still pending)
  • New Connection – Microsoft Azure Transfer (REST token) – images can be uploaded directly to Azure containers. (proxy connection still pending)
  • Data management for workflows (experimental) – Preparations for version 5 with workflows.
  • Image Source – Reset Image Transformation – Image transformations can be completely reset with one click.
  • Integration tests (activating image sources)
  • Service tests for compatibility check – Optimization of Settings files
  • Change Display State via Web UI – The display can now be switched on and off via the WebUI.
  • New Section – Image Gallery
  • Preparation for evoVIU Manager


  • Image Rotation State – Display in action bar optimized
  • Display of update state in different situations – The update is now displayed from any point on the page. If a camera has not been restarted yet, this will be shown to the client user when returning to the page.
  • Redesign welcome page evoVIU – New redesigned welcome page
  • Recorder – Connection AWS and Azure – From now on, images can be uploaded to the various cloud services via the recorder.
  • Recorder – Setting upload image quality (BMP/JPEG/PNG) – From now on image format can be set in the recorder.
  • Animated images for login page


  • Sensor light synchronization error when starting routine – No longer need to wait for clocks when starting routine.
  • Docker B – Hardware output optimized. From now on short circuits can be detected. Attention: To use this function additional patch required.
  • Font delivery – All fonts are now delivered.
  • Fix referencing error in routines – ROI
  • File-Image-Source – Upload of images with multiple spaces possible
  • Deactivation of image sources visible in client
  • Processed images are saved again with FTP / AWS / Azure
  • Image distortion in visualization – From now on images are no longer distorted in the Costum routine

Versions and patches can be requested from now on.

Required for the update:

OS > 4.4.0

OS < 4.4.3: additional patch installation required