Release Update 4.12.0

Neue Softwareversion für die evoVIU


  • Possibility to activate and deactivate bridging of Ethernet and WiFi
  • New Training Set for Lasercodes


  • New Refactoring for Image Source Forms


  • DB Migration from 4.3.0 auf 4.11.12
  • Issues for Custom Routines shown
  • Fix Display State Reset Issue
  • Preventing disconnection when applying new WiFi settings
  • Fix issues for evoTrQ Connection
  • Setting the number of images in Image Gallery only after first image has been taken

In preparation for Workflows:


  • New Nodes for Workflows
    • Logical And
    • Logical Or
    • Lighting
    • Lenses
    • ConnectionIds
    • StartWorkflowOnPeer
    • OnPeerEventNode
    • StartWorkflowOnPeer
    • Join
  • Multiple Events
  • Start/Stop-Events
  • Connection Management UI


  • Easier Node Interaction

Versions and patches can be requested from now on.

Required for the update:

OS > 4.4.0

OS < 4.4.3: additional patch installation required