The HoloLens creates new perspective

Mixed reality meets Smart Camera evoVIU

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 was first unveiled in 2019. Produced purely for businesses, it promises to increase productivity, improve efficiency and minimize costs.

Since a few weeks we now also have a HoloLens 2 at evopro, with which we want to simplify processes and further develop our products. After initial tests and a short familiarization phase, during which we had to let the mix of reality and fiction sink in, the HoloLens is used for the integration and commissioning of our evoVIU smart camera, for example. Not only does the evoVIU have its finger on the pulse of the times, but cutting-edge technologies are now also being used to implement the Smart Camera.

Due to its small and robust design, the evoVIU is often installed in places that are narrow and not easily accessible. In order to be able to set the optimal image, it is important to have an ideal view of the shot. This is where HoloLens comes in. Since it is occasionally impossible to take a laptop with browser access to the necessary place, thanks to the HoloLens you can simply display the browser image directly in your field of vision and make the necessary settings. Optimizations of the image can thus be carried out more quickly. The advantage here is that it does not matter whether the evoVIU is in the industrial network or not, the additional access point enables parallel coupling with the AR glasses at any time without having to intervene in the existing infrastructure.

We accompanied our colleague Jonas as he installed a camera. Watch the video to see how HoloLens can be used in the process.

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