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A camera that you can control from any conceivable location? No problem! A huge advantage of the evoVIU right from the start was that it can be controlled via any web browser without logging in and without installation effort. Not only do all our customers appreciate this advantage, we are also increasingly taking advantage of it. For example with our new project called liveVIU. Anyone interested in getting to know the evoVIU better can now control one of our cameras from the developer pool using the appropriate access data. evoVIU is now super easy for everyone to access from the world wide web.

The smart camera offers plenty of room to try things out. All conceivable settings can be tested and a wide range of insights provided. To make sure it doesn’t get boring, we always provide the cameras with a new motif or a new task.

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Would you also like to try out the surface of our camera? Go to https://www.evoviu.de/liveviu-anmeldung/ and log in there with an e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail from us containing a link to the liveVIU camera. From there, you can directly access the camera and make any settings. And live! Try it out and discover the many possibilities offered by the user interface. Different settings are required depending on the subject, which is why it is worth testing the cameras at regular intervals.

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