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New software update for the Smart Camera evoVIU

In response to the increasing demand for intelligent network cameras, the Smart Camera development team is designing a system that focuses on intelligence and workflow optimization. Through an interface that can be used by cloud-based AI systems, settings for lights, lenses or the system are adjusted automatically. There is now a software update for the Smart Camera!

Smart Kamera evoVIU

Users of intelligent cameras are increasingly tending towards cloud-based image processing solutions or a camera system adapted to the environmental or production situation. The evoVIU smart camera with VISIONWEB and VISIONAPI offers a modern and simple solution for this. With VISIONWEB, users can quickly and easily integrate the Smart Camera into the system and make the initial image settings from any end device. By means of a unique UUID identifier, a setting can be made for each component and called up via VISIONAPI. Thus, the camera can adapt to different production parts and the automated and authorized connection of external evaluation units is simplified, because the evoVIU supports a simple and at the same time powerful API with http-REST.

Why the evoVIU?

So far, the evoVIU has mainly been used in the automotive industry, but demand is also emerging in other industries. For example, the evoVIU can also be used to detect pests, colors or patterns. Many functions and components can be individually adapted to meet specific requirements. For example, users can choose between a 5MP or a 13MP MIPI sensor, six liquid lenses with focal lengths ranging from 2.6mm to 15.8mm, various mounting and lighting options, and multiple interfaces. Wifi and Ethernet are available as communication interfaces. In addition, there are interfaces such as GPIO, IO-Link or External Light. So the evoVIU certainly has a promising future!

The development of the Smart Camera evoVIU is taking place in many small steps and the goal of developing a fully dynamic image processing interface is getting closer with every milestone reached. All new developments for the software update are based on the wishes of users and thus provide them with an optimized user experience.

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