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Release of the evoPowerBank

Battery adapter for the industry

Sales of the evoPowerBank have begun. The evoPowerBank is a rugged battery adapter that can provide a stable 24V supply in harsh industrial environments in places where a fixed power supply is not possible.

At various locations, such as the press shop, there is sometimes no supply to the robot tooling, but the need for measurement sensors, such as our evoVIU camera system, is increasing. It is important here to enable simple and flexible integration and to be able to change the battery quickly on site so that maintenance and production staff can ensure a quick changeover during retooling. We rely on battery systems from Makita, which are available in different versions.

What evoPowerBank offers

  • a robust aluminum housing with a holder for Makita batteries 14.4 – 18V up to 6Ah

  • a locked quick coupler to secure the battery pack

  • a stable 24V supply at 15W

  • approx. 10h running time at 15W

  • light weight – approx. 300g

  • a board circuit board with additional battery indicator

  • a display for input triggers and individual display for pins 2, 4 and 5

  • 5-pin M12 – A-coded socket for connecting industrial sensors

The evoPowerbank can be used in all Industry sectors. For example, if you want to carry out inspections in the agricultural sector with the help of a smart camera, the problem can often arise that there is no power supply to agricultural equipment. The evoPowerBank is the ideal solution. If you have an application or would like to receive more information about the adapter, simply send us a message directly.

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