Release Update 4.14.0

New software version for the evoVIU


  • New Nodes
    • Brush Length Measurement
    • Deflection Angle Measurement
    • Analyze Brush
    • Trimming Diameter Measurement
    • Loose Thread Presence Check
    • Trimming Tip Length Measurement
    • Max Trimming Gap Length Measurement
    • Welding Angle Measurement
    • Welding Depth Measurement
    • Trimming Symmetry Measurement
    • Check Wire Presence
    • Check Handle Presence
  • Refactoring Matching Type
  • Integration of Bookmarks in Connections and Workflow Settings


  • Camera Node only contains Hardware Image Sources
  • Upgrading libraries
  • Empty States for Node Settings
  • New UI Components for Menu and Buttons


  • Bottom Bar in Workflow visible
  • Workflow Images that are not needed anymore are deleted
  • Displaying detail section correct
  • Transfer contextvalues correctly
  • Workflow no longer editable while running
  • Correct mapping of negative values in node settings
  • Dynamic calculation of the maximum allowed Code Dimension Settings values
  • Zoom works properly

Versions and patches can be requested from now on.

Required for the update:

OS > 4.4.0

OS < 4.4.3: additional patch installation required