Release Update 4.11.0

New software version for the evoVIU


  • Dashboard
    • APIs for managing nodes
    • Visualization and context data
    • Widget Data Table
    • Widget Image
    • Add and Delete Dashboard
    • Separate Dashboard from logical Nodes
    • Improve context selection
    • Manage data table
    • Iteration-State-Display of Workflows
    • Delete Dashboard when workflow is deleted
    • Viewer Mode
  • Image Editor
    • Add tabs
    • Implementation Data model for ROI
    • Implementation Reference Image Details in Reference Image Tab
    • Implementation of Empty States
    • Implement Card Component for Image Container View
  • UI
    • Segmented-Button Component


  • Automated sorting of nodes


  • Workflow
    • Better Details Section
    • Nodes not selectable from running workflow
  • Use of manual and free run trigger at the same time

Versions and patches can be requested from now on.

Required for the update:

OS > 4.4.0

OS < 4.4.3: additional patch installation required