Release Update 4.11.0

New software version for the evoVIU


  • Possibility to mark files as favorites
  • Nodes: TCP/IP Send
  • Delete a selected ROI via bottom app bar


  • Restructuring of the workflow start page
  • UX customizations
    • Integer card
    • File Manager
    • Select component
    • Top App Bar component
    • NavList component
    • Confirm dialogs with Enter
    • Device Info Bar also for Dashboard and Files


  • Image editor:
    • Level hierarchies adapted
    • Allow drag event only for drag handle icon
    • Disable other polygon actions in add point mode
    • Use of rectangles with normalized values
  • File Manager:
    • Disabled state of the Sort button adjusted
    • Initial state of the view button adjusted
    • Background of Sort Actions no longer transparent
  • PLC
    • Refactor PLC
  • UDP
    • Optional settings no longer throw an error if they are not filled in
    • Username and password removed
  • all LEDs now saves the settings


  • Build agent: Increase speed with modular configs
  • Error logs fixed

Versions and patches can be requested from now on.

Required for the update:

OS > 4.4.0

OS < 4.4.3: additional patch installation required