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Smart Camera for your imaging solution.

Customizable hardware and software for your individual use case. 

Quality control – reading codes – crack detection – edge detection – inspection – completeness control – and much more.

evoVIU Smart Kamera

The solution to your image processing problem!

The evoVIU is a smart camera for quality
control, the reading of codes and the detection of every
Art. A mix of hardware and software that can be easily integrated into
can be integrated into your existing production.

For all,

Smart Camera | Cloud Camera

evoVIU logo
its visible weiss

Use the smart camera evoVIU to solve every imaginable Machine Vision problem that crosses your path. From stand-alone solutions to cloud solutions for complicated Machine Vision, everything is possible. Use the Smart Camera evoVIU as a complete package or insert the evoVIU as reliable hardware into your system and benefit from the possibility to use your own software and algorithms. The hardware control can be realized at any time via a web browser. No matter what challenge you face, the evoVIU smart camera has a solution for you.

Smart Camera | Cloud Camera

evoVIU logo
its visible weiss

Smart Camera for your imaging solution. Customizable hardware and software for your use case.

One smart camera - enormous variety

With the Smart Camera, you get a smart camera solution that is ready for your digitization strategy right now. Your infrastructure grows, your hardware stays.

Use your evoVIU as a ...

... Cloud Camera

Icon Cloud Kamera

With the evoVIU as a cloud camera, you have a maximally scalable extension of your Machine Vision via external computing systems. Scale your performance and AI integration in industrial environments.

Connect to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Cloud to upload captured images directly to the cloud for processing.

Conversely, control all hardware components from the cloud with VISIONAPI, enabling robust processing and rapid optimization through AI training sets.

... Network camera

Icon Netzwerkkamera

Solve control tasks with the evoVIU as a network camera through pre-processing processes via a system controller and take advantage of the performance increase through external computing units.

Connect to the cameras within your plant network and include them in your system. Take advantage of the ability to mount the camera in places you can’t get to during the manufacturing process.

... Smart Camera

Icon Smart Kamera

Solve Machine Visionautonomously and directly on site with the evoVIU as a Smart Camera and send the final result to a defined end point.

Use the possibility to generate your ideal solution in customer-specific programs and adapt the camera to your infrastructure.

The era of workflows

The Workflow Editor makes Machine Vision accessible to everyone. No programming skills, individually adaptable to every use case!

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Are you looking for a solution to your individual image processing problem? No problem – the Smart Camera evoVIU is designed in such a way that individual adjustments are possible at any time. Just talk to us about it!

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Expensive additional equipment? Not with evoVIU! The Smart Camera is completely self-sufficient and can run without any external device. The integration into your existing system is very easy!

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Mixed Reality

Instead of a laptop, choose a wearable device like HoloLens to easily set up the evoVIU smart camera in hard-to-reach places. Set your lens appropriately and simultaneously see the captured image.

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The software for the evoVIU smart camera is cross-platform and browser-based, i.e. accessible from any web browser. No matter what device you use. With the evoVIU, no complex software installation is necessary.

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evoVIU in but not on it? Something that is also possible. Make use of our evoVIU partner program and design your Smart Camera evoVIU according to your taste. Choose your own logo and color design and enjoy your custom branding on an anodized aluminum case.