Smart City applications

Smart City – the modern city of tomorrow. A smart camera can be used for intelligent parking space monitoring, to precisely analyse traffic flows or to advance urban digitalization.

The key to the future of the smart city

Industrial cameras offer far more than simple monitoring functions – they are an integral part of a large number of smart city projects. They make a significant contribution to the efficiency and safety of urban spaces. With smart cameras, cities are creating the basis for innovative, sustainable and networked infrastructures that meet the requirements of the future.

Smart City
Smart City

Environmental monitoring and management

Important smart city applications include monitoring air quality in order to reduce environmental pollution and protect the health of citizens. Noise sensors are used to monitor noise pollution and take measures to reduce noise. Systems are also being implemented to monitor and manage water and energy consumption in order to use resources efficiently and promote sustainability.

Smart City

Public safety

Intelligent surveillance cameras for crime prevention, emergency notification systems and crisis management as well as data analysis to support the police and emergency services are key elements of modern smart city projects. These technologies make a significant contribution to increasing public safety, enabling rapid responses in emergencies and improving the efficiency of security forces.

Smart City

Intelligent lighting

Streetlights that automatically adapt to the ambient light ensure energy-efficient lighting in the smart city. Significant energy savings are achieved through demand-based lighting. These intelligent streetlights are also equipped with integrated sensors that enable additional functions such as monitoring environmental data.

Smart City

Technology that convinces

With high-resolution sensors such as the Sony Exmor R IMX183-C with 20.2 megapixels, equipped with global shutter technology, the evoVIU Smart Camera ensures precise and distortion-free images even with fast-moving objects. These capabilities are crucial for monitoring and analyzing traffic in busy urban areas.

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made of aluminum

Thanks to the Power-over-Ethernet capability and the option to transform to 24V, our camera offers versatile installation options and seamless integration into existing infrastructures. It also supports Ethernet with Time Sensitive Network Support for reliable data transmission. Digital inputs and outputs as well as various connection options such as M12 A-coded plugs facilitate connection to external devices and the use of hardware triggers.

evoVIU Hardware

AI Machine Vision for the Smart City

A particular highlight is the integration of the IMX8MP with a powerful Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which offers up to 2.3 TOPS. This NPU enables advanced AI Machine Vision, which is essential for smart city applications. It supports ONNX and TensorFlow Lite models via Workflow 2.0, optimized for big data analysis and fast decision making.
In addition to the advanced technology, our camera offers practical features such as an ambient light ring for displaying results and X/Y/Z acceleration and position sensors for motion and impact detection. These functions are ideal for surveillance and security in urban environments as well as for supporting rescue operations and crisis management.

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