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Read QR codes to track parcels, ensure the traceability of products or manage inventory. No problem with a smart camera in your production line.

Optimize processes, increase efficiency

QR codes play a decisive role in the optimization of business processes. They offer a wide range of benefits that help to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure quality. In order to read the QR code, the right image processing system is required depending on the environmental situation.

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QR codes enable products to be tracked seamlessly along the entire supply chain. This is particularly important for quality assurance and compliance with legal regulations. In the event of a product recall, companies can quickly and accurately identify and trace the affected batches thanks to the QR codes

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Inventory management

The use of QR codes considerably simplifies inventory management. Products can be scanned quickly by reading a QR code and information such as storage location, expiry date and stock quantities can be called up immediately. This leads to more efficient warehouse management and reduces the risk of stock shortages or overstocks.


Documentation and maintenance

QR codes on machines and systems provide quick access to important information such as manuals, maintenance logs and repair instructions. This makes maintenance and repairs much easier as technicians have the information they need at their fingertips, minimizing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Smart City

Read QR code? Only with the evoVIU

With high-resolution sensors such as the Sony Exmor R IMX183-C with 20.2 megapixels, equipped with global shutter technology, the evoVIU Smart Camera ensures precise and distortion-free images even with fast-moving objects. These capabilities are crucial for monitoring and analyzing traffic in busy urban areas.

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made of aluminum

Thanks to the Power-over-Ethernet capability and the option to transform to 24V, our camera offers versatile installation options and seamless integration into existing infrastructures. It also supports Ethernet with Time Sensitive Network Support for reliable data transmission. Digital inputs and outputs as well as various connection options such as M12 A-coded plugs facilitate connection to external devices and the use of hardware triggers.

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