The year draws to a close

Dear evoVIU team, how was it?

As light fare for the end of the year, this article provides a short review of the year from the evoVIU team. What happened in 2021? How have we evolved? What has shaped us? Even though at the end of the year it’s always hard to believe that the year is already saying goodbye, so much happened last year that it’s hard to know where to start.

Let’s start with the team: The evoVIU team has grown considerably in the past year and has almost more than doubled in size. Thus, there are now six members who are almost completely assigned to the project. In addition, one working student and two bachelor students are currently also part of the team and deal exclusively with evoVIU topics. The expansion created a new dynamic. Permanent team members could be relieved and due to the fresh wind there were structural changes, from which the whole project profited in the end. In the meantime, of course, everyone has their fixed area of responsibility and supports others where they can.

Alone we can achieve so little, together we can achieve so much.

Despite the abundant difficulties that arose in connection with the Corona pandemic, this year saw the first tremendous successes for evoVIU. After many years of development and research, the evoVIU is a finished product that is very interesting for many customers and was therefore sold in large numbers for the first time this year. Thus, evoVIU left the era of pilot projects behind and became an indispensable part for actual projects.

Furthermore, the evoVIU was enriched by several additional components in the past year. There is now documentation, a C-mount option, more light modules and optimized software.

In addition to the cameras we sold, another highlight was our appearance at VISION in Stuttgart. This was not only an enriching experience for the local sales team, but we were also able to win a number of companies for joint projects. Despite the many other products, the evoVIU was able to convince. By the way, the whole thing has also paid off for our office: The 6m² stand banners now hang nicely illuminated on the walls and are thus an absolute eye-catcher.

What is our goal for next year?

At the moment, we simply want to reflect and be grateful for what we have achieved and mastered together in the past year. Nevertheless, we naturally have the inner drive and also the demand on ourselves to go one step further next year. Improve processes and communication, progress with project partners, and continue to build on each individual’s strengths. These are all goals for the coming year. We want to grow steadily and with us our evoVIU.

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