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Good processes are the key to good software development. Over the last few weeks, we have repeatedly reached the limits of our previous build agent, which has slowed us down at times. That’s why we are more than happy that we have a new Teamcity build agent since last week!

Here is a brief look at the biggest changes and improvements that come with it:

  • Python Virtual Environment powered by Poetry: We have harnessed the power of Poetry to manage Python dependencies and package and publish our modules.
  • 2 fewer layers of virtualization: simplifying our infrastructure for better performance and efficiency.
  • Fully isolated Python and Node.js environments: Ensuring the highest level of reproducibility and reliability of our builds.
  • 8x CPU cores: Our build server now has more computing power, which significantly shortens build times.
  • 2.5x shorter build times: Faster builds mean faster development and therefore faster provision of our software solutions for our customers.
  • 2x smaller Python packages: Thanks to optimizations, our packages are leaner and faster to use.
  • Compliance with PEP standards: We are fully aligned with PEP440, PEP518, PEP517, PEP621 and PEP660 and meet all requirements for Python standard compliant packages.
  • 4x RAM: More RAM means that we can handle larger and more complex projects with ease.

We are excited about the improvements these changes will bring to our development process and we are confident that our customers and users will benefit from the increased performance and efficiency.

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