In this chapter, you will learn how you can work with different variants in the workflow. With the variants, it should be possible to handle the process flow and Machine Vision on the evoVIU for similar test specimens with just a single workflow. It should be possible to fill the parameters of a node required […]

Workflow Nodes

In this chapter you will find all the nodes together with explanations that you can use in the workflow. 1. events Start The nodes attached to a Start node are executed as soon as the Start button in the header bar is clicked. Stop The nodes that are attached to a Stop node are executed […]

Workflow: Getting started using an example

In this chapter, you will learn how to set up a simple workflow. The example should make it clear which steps are required. The aim of the workflow is to read a Data Matrix code. 1. preparation The first step is to create our custom nodes. We can create these in the My Workflow area. […]

Workflow Settings

In this chapter you will learn which general settings you can make in the workflows. In addition to the details on the right, you will find further settings that you can adjust individually for each workflow. Cycle Time in ms Set here the maximum time the workflow may take to run through once. The time […]

File Manager

In this chapter you will learn what you can use the File Manager for and which functions are offered to you. 1. overview On the left side you will see all current folders and below them individual files that are not in a folder. On the right side you can see the files in the […]


In this chapter you will learn how to use bookmarks. Bookmarks are a kind of placeholder to which you assign a value and then reference it again and again can. Even if values change, the reference remains the same. 1. where to find bookmarks? In the Bookmarks menu item, you can either browse the list […]

Workflow Getting Started

In this chapter you will learn all about the basics of the workflow. 1. creating a workflow If you click on the Workflows menu item, you will land on the Overview page. If you have not created a workflow yet, you can use the Add Workflow button to create your first workflow. If you have […]


In this chapter you will learn how they deal with Secrets. Secrets are secret or sensitive attributes, such as passwords, that should not be visible to everyone. 1. when do you encounter Secrets? Secrets are encountered throughout the web interface. Be it in the Connections, when you should assign passwords or in the Bookmarks, which […]

User rights

In this chapter you will learn which user has which rights and setting options. Viewer Editor Admin Authentication Login/Authentication Viewer Editor Admin Display active & current user Viewer Editor Admin Show and change active stream settings & quality Viewer Editor Admin Image & Program Settings Show Image Source / Custom Routine / Connection Viewer Editor […]


In this chapter you will learn which settings you can make for your smart camera. You have already made some settings at the first start, which you can change again here. 1. Camera Name of Camera Give your camera a name here or change it. Description of Camera Add a Description to your camera to […]