evoVIU Manual
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In this chapter you will learn what our vision is. Where do we want to go? And even more exciting, what has the path been like so far?

Level 1 - Headless platform

Project start September 2019 – March 2020

  • Smart camera for internal projects
  • Script solution to control hardware components
  • Free programming
  • System includes simple pre-processing processes

Level 2 - API & Custom Projects

Release RC2 Hardware: May 2020

Release SW version Goldfish: September 2020

  • Introduction of VISIONWEB to configure and control the evoVIU from any device via a web application.
  • Introduction of VISIONAPI to control the evoVIU using HTTP rest commands.
  • Individual process routines and workflows for business customers
  • Introduction of a simple user management

Level 3 - Scriptable Machine Vision

Release SW version Seahorse: February 2021

Release SW version Polarbear: May 2021

  • Introduction of user-defined workflows to start and control Machine Vision directly in VISIONWEB
  • Configurable endpoint communication for different protocol interfaces
  • Optimized installation management
  • Optimized user management

Level 4 - Path to Cloud Edge Device Vision

Release SW version Alpaka 4.3.1: December 2021

Release SW version Alpaka 4.8.1: March 2022

  • Connect to Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud
  • Rolling X.509 Certification
  • Upload to cloud storage
  • Proxy Server Settings
  • Certificate Area
  • evoVIU Manager
  • Integration Global Shutter

Level 5 - Workflow-based solutions

Release RC3 Hardware: May 2022

  • Complete system control via VISIONWEB and VISIONAPI
  • Dynamic Machine Vision
  • Image processing library