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This chapter describes the functions of the display on the smart camera.

1. Introduction

A display is installed on the evoVIU that can control various settings of the camera independently of the application software. A two-button switch is used to guide the user through the individual points.

2. Operation

The upper button is used to confirm the selection.
In the settings of the different IP addresses, the corresponding digits of the IP can be selected.

Mode / Select
The lower key is used to guide and select the corresponding menu item.
In the settings of the different IP addresses, this button can be used to increment the numbers.

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3. Functional Overview


The display dashboard shows the most important information of the camera. The status bar (top) and menu (bottom) are explained below:

Display 1

Status Bar

  • Radio signal strength: Strength Low (1) to High (4)
  • Wireless variant: Wifi/3G/4G/5G
  • Docker variant: IOL/EXL/GPO
  • Network: ETH
display 2


  • Shutdown
    The operating system is shut down.
    The camera can then be unplugged.
  • Restart
    The camera can be restarted. It is not necessary to remove the mains plug.
  • System Information
    System information such as the name of the access point or the current IP address can be read out.
  • Adjustment/Setting
    Settings for NTP server, IP addresses, gateway, DNS, access point and auto-restart, as well as a camera restore can be made.
display 3

System Information (1)

  • Wi-Fi AP:
    Name of the access point
  • IPv4 address:
    Currently set IPv4 address
  • MAC address:
    MAC address of the camera
display 4

System Information (2)

  • Wi-Fi:
    Connected SSID of the Wi-Fi access point
  • Hostname:
    Name of the camera in the network
display 5

System Information (3)

  • Serial number
    Camera serial number
  • Version of the operating system
    Current operating system version
  • Software version
    Current software version
display 6

Setting (1)

  • Wi-Fi AP (Off / On)
    Activation of the access point
  • Set IP address
    Set IP address manually
  • Set Gateway
    Set gateway manually
  • Set DNS
    Set DNS server manually
display 7

Setting (2)

  • Set NTP
    NTP – Set server manually
  • Restore
    Resetting the camera contents
  • System Reset
    Reset the camera
  • Car. Rest.
    Switching off the auto-restart, so that the last running routine is not restarted on restarting
  • Return
    Return to the main menu
display 8


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