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This chapter lists the most important function updates of the display.

1st version -

  • Fixed
    • Fixed a bug where the IPv4, gateway and DNS addresses could still be set when DHCP is active. Now the corresponding setting elements are grayed out and cannot be activated.
  • Feature Update
    • Add setting item to enable/disable DHCP for the static Ethernet connection.

Release: 28.10.2021

2nd version -

  • Fixed
    • Wifi AP with toggle switch works
  • Feature Update
    • Added confirmation dialog and user feedback for critical functions like shutdown, reboot, device recovery and factory reset
    • Wifi AP IPv4 address added to second info card and info cards put in comprehensive order

Release: 29.09.2021

3rd version -

  • Fixed
    • Scroll problems with information display
  • Feature Update
    • Safety query before shutting down the camera
    • Rotate the display by 180° via “Settings > Flip Display”.

Release: 17.09.2021

4th version -

  • Fixed
    • Path correction to the update routine
  • Feature Update
    • Adding the Auto Restart
      • From now on, it is possible to set via the display whether an image source or a custom routine should restart automatically after a reboot.

Release: 01.08.2021

5th version -

  • Feature Update
    • Add setting for NTP server
    • Add Setting Gateway
    • Add DNS Server Setting

Release: 19.02.2021



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