evoVIU Manual
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In this chapter you can read about the latest hardware revisions.

1st RC1 - Release Candidate 1

1.1 Feature extension

  • LCD Display Holder
  • Cover-Glasses
  • Introduction of different Docker classes A: IO-Link / B: External Light

1.2 Feature updates

  • Power management (1A output current for external lighting)
  • Modified tarpaulin structure, optimization of EMC and ESD safety

1.3 Optimizations

  • Bug fixes of the prototype series
  • Circuit optimizations
  • Cables become purchased cables

Construction / Housing Design:

  • Optimization of housing front and sealing

Circuit Design / PCB:

  • Adaptation Helios1-X to Power Management
  • Power Control Manager on Helios1-X for configuration of LED voltage
  • Adaptation plug Construct. Better fixation in the inlay possible

Adjustments in the layout area. Optimization of camera connection

Release: July 2020

2. RC2 - Release Candidate 2

2.1 Feature updates

  • Complete IO-Link integration (without FW)
  • Complete 5G integration (without FW)

2.2 Optimizations

Construction / Housing Design:

  • Customization and optimization for Case and Docker
  • Optimization Docker connection via two screws on case wall
  • Adjustment of the thermal connection CPU / WLP / CaseBottom
  • Customization interfaces optimization for keyboard
  • Optimization Keyboard. Reduction of the design radius to 2 mm
  • Adaptation and further development of cover glass
  • Protection of the cover glass by countersinking

Circuit Design / PCB:

  • Renaming Helios to Loxi
  • Customization debugging – Loxi area for EOL testers
  • Layout optimization for Construct, Docker and Loxi
  • Optimization of keyboard and connection during assembly
  • Electronic and EMC optimizations
  • Assembly optimizations – PCB
  • Assembly optimizations – Assembly
Release: May 2021