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In this chapter you can read everything about the Loxi1-X light module.

1. Overview

The Loxi1-X light module belongs to the class of direct, internal lighting.

The structure of the light module consists of eight segments with three LEDs each. The light module thus has a total of 24 LEDs, which can be equipped with different wavelengths via the colour coding. Organic surfaces in particular are best imaged with the Loxi1-X module.

//distance measurement
In addition to the LEDs, the Loxi1-X module has 4 TOF sensors with a range of 0 – 65535 and can thus precisely measure the distance of target objects up to 1m away.
The implementation will follow in later software versions.

Loxi1 schraeg

2. Main Features

  • Direct light module
  • Individual setting for each LED
  • Up to 8 brightness levels for each individual LED
  • Distance sensor for distance measurement up to 1m

3. Areas of Application

  • Organic surfaces
  • Barcodes
  • Labels
  • Field of view areas

4. color coding

  • -R Red (612 – 630nm)
  • -G | True Green (513 – 545nm)
  • -B | Blue (450 – 480nm)
  • -A | Amber (609-624nm)
  • -W| White (4000K)

5. Exchange

  • Shut down the system via the web interface.
  • Switch off the power supply of the evoVIU.
  • Open the four screws on the front of the evoVIU housing.
  • Open the four screws of the Loxi1-X light module.
  • Remove the circuit board and place the replacement circuit board in the camera.
  • First screw the two screws on the front docker side and make sure that the module is lying straight on the holding surface and the contacts before doing so.
  • Now tighten the two remaining screws of the module.
  • Screw the front panel back onto the camera.
  • Turn on the power supply to the camera.
  • If the LEDs flash within the next 30 seconds, you can use the new module.

6. Variant Number

XXXXX-XXX-L1-R | L1-R: Red / L1-G: Green / L1-B: Blue / L1-A: Amber / L1-W: White



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